Our practice is built on the pursuit of innovation through continuous research in design and technology and their role in enriching human experience. Our ambition to create empathetic design strives to blur the line between human and object.

We use data to create compelling narratives for our users. Communicating relevant information is the goal of our team of designers, coders, and thinkers.

We create novel products and interactive experiences. From interactive installations, to responsive objects in the palm of your hand, we use design and technology to innovate at all scales. From design to implementation, we help you realize visionary design.

Node House

A home that takes the diversity of a community and grafts it onto the residential construct, while considering the evolution of the family unit.

Street Seat

A sustainable, outdoor bench for the Portland streetscape with a focus on using environmentally-friendly materials and innovative construction methods.


Portsmouth, Va


+1 (757) 289-9544